Hospital Partition Track System With Curtains

The most important feature of good hospital privacy curtains is that they are well constructed and the fabric used is effective as a privacy barrier. Ideally a Hospital privacy curtains should be 8 or 12 ounce fabric that is also inherently fire retardant. This is essential for compliance with many fire regulations and safety protocols in hospitals, doctor's offices and patient care facilities. Hospital privacy curtains can also be important in setting the tone or the environment within a specific examination or treatment area. Most of the high quality curtains some in a variety of colors that are both soothing as well as relaxing. Patterns that include subtle colors, natural motifs and colors found in nature are always popular and will match almost any neutral or natural type color scheme. For areas that are going to treat children, colorful curtains can make a statement as well.

Pushpa Sales Pvt. Ltd. Offers sales & installations of cubicle tracks & curtains for the Health Care industry and others.

Hospital Cubicle curtains are economical vesratile and very attractive. Available in variety of colours to choose.