CSSD System

Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) is the most essential feature of the hospital. It aims at centralising the activities of receipt, cleaning, assembly, sterilisation, storage and distribution of sterilised materials from a central department where bacteriologically safe sterilisation is done under controlled conditions with adequate managerial and technical supervision at an optimum cost. It contributes to reduction in hospital infection rate.


The CSSD is a service catering to the needs of a hospital or a group of hospitals for the supply of sterilised articles to all the departments including the wards, OPDs, other special units and the operation theatre if there is no Theatre Sterile Supply Unit.

Scope : Diet, drugs, linen, bedding, bedpan, urinals are not included in the scope of CSSD. The hospitals are suggested to buy from manufacturers only those sterile disposables which they can not process satisfactorily such as sutures etc.

The CSSD is to provide an efficient, economic, continuous and quality supply of sterilised material to various areas of the hospital to deliver quality and infection free patient care.