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We provide worldclass Hospital Ambulances that provides extra safefy and features at a very nominal Price. our Ambulances incorporates an innovative design and features unmatched by other abulance vehicles. Both its engine and driveline compartment have been compressed, to maximize interior space. There is enough room for a patient and attendents, providing comfort to all.


We, Pushpa Sales Pvt Ltd., provides to make customized vehicles to deliver uninterrupted & acute medical care while patient is on the move in pre-hospitalized conditions. Buying an Ambulance and Mobile clinic is no more anxiety under our assistance. We take care of almost every aspect right from understanding your needs, choosing vehicles, designing, customization to delivery and of course after sales services. designed for deployment in situations requiring, onsite care It is essentially a compact mobile trauma unit for routine treatment of common field medical requirements & emergencies.We offers you economy with all the quality and reliability required for ambulances used in difficult terrain. We can fully customize the interior components to the customer needs. The interior has a distinctive smooth finish for a cleaner patient compartment.

We are providing both Advance Life Support System (ALS) & Basic Life Support System (BLS) type of Ambulances.

Mobile Hospitals

Mobile Hospital including OT, ICU, X-ray, dental, pharmacy, laboratory, sterilization, blood bank, morgue, reverse osmosis water purification, laundry, generator and kitchen.

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